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Below are additional resources, commercial patch banks and sound sets, software editors and videos for the Sequential Take 5. If you would like to add an additional resource or link to a commercial soundset, click the button below.
Soundsets or Patch Banks
Supercharge your Sequential Take 5 with a bunch of new sounds. Check out these commercial patch banks and soundsets full of expertly crafted patches.
Matt Johnson Take 5 Preset Pack
32 custom patches for the Take 5 synth, including a variety of sound types.
Vintage Classic Soundset for Sequential Take 5
Custom patches for the Take 5 synth emulating many classic synth sounds and famous songs.
Jorb's Prophet 5 Patches for the Take 5
40 patches recreating the factory sounds of the classic Prophet 5 synth.
Limbic Bits Take 5 Mountains Sound Pack Presets for Ambient and Techno
Mountains is a preset collection featuring 64 completely new Sequential Take 5 patches with a focus on contemporary electronic music like Ambient, Techno, and Electronica.
Plughugger Eternal Beauty of Fundamentals Soundset for Take 5
Eternal Beauty of Fundamentals is an ambient soundset focusing on the most fundamental waveforms there is: the sine wave.
GeoSynths Essence Volume 1 Sound Set for Sequential Take 5
128 custom patches for the Sequential Take 5, featuring lots of motion pads, strings, synth, lead and bass tones.
Ultimate Patches Take 5 Soundsets
333 patches for the Sequential Take 5 synth, including a variety of vintage retro and modern sounds, acoustic, and hi-tek sounds, plus famous song patches.

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