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DSI Prophet 08 Resources

Below are additional resources, commercial patch banks and sound sets, software editors and videos for the DSI Prophet 08. Click here to Upload a Resource, Video or Link to a Commercial Soundset.
Recharge your DSI Prophet 08 with a bunch of new sounds. Check out these commercial soundsets and patch banks full of precision crafted patches.
SynthPatches Prophecy 08 / Rev 2 Sound Set
110 custom patches inspired by the sounds of Boards of Canada, Tycho, Tame Impala, etc.
Chronos' Handcrafted Prophet 08 Patch Bank
128 Custom patches designed for the Prophet 08. These will work with the Rev2 as well.
Boxed Ear TQS: Binary Pulsars Soundset for Prophet 08
128 custom patches for Prophet 08, full of expressive pads, poly synths, basses, atmospheres, arps and more.
Carma Studio's Outrun Soundset for Prophet 08
64 custom patches for Deepmind 6/12, focused on the outrun and synthwave genres, including a variety of pads, arps, basses, poly synth sounds, leads, effects and more.

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DSI Prophet Rev2

Prophet 08 Patches can be loaded to Prophet Rev 2

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