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Behringer Model D
This is a patch for the Behringer Model D
Author: AnalogGuy

Behringer Model D Soundsets, Patch Banks and Resources

The Model D cannot store patches/presets, however users can share presets via graphic/images that show the position of each knob and switch.   Below is a blank Patch Sheet that can be downloaded:


MiniMoog Patch Book:

Related Instruments

Below are other instruments which have the same sound engine or similar. Patches for these other instruments may be compatible with the Behringer Model D.

Arturia Mini V

Arturia Mini V is a software recreation of the classic Minimoog

More Info about Arturia Mini V

Roland SE02

The SE-02 features a similar core architecture to Model D, but with expanded features and patch memory.

More Info about Roland SE02

Moog Minimoog

Minimoog patch sheets are interchangable with Model D

More Info about Moog Minimoog

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