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Sequential Prophet 6 Soundsets, Patch Banks and Resources

Prophet 6 Factory Presets:

Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) Vintage Prophet 6 Patches:
50 custom patches with a variety of sounds.

J3PO Patches for the Prophet 6
50 Neo-soul, jazz fusion, hip hop and synth wave patches by Julian Pollack

AnalogAudio "Classic Analog" Presets for Prophet 6:
100 classic sounding patches including a variety of pads, brass, stabs, basslines, leads and string sounds.

Luke Neptune 80s Synthwave Soundset for Prophet 6:
100 classic synthwave sounds for the P6.  Hop in your DeLorean and experience the nostalgia of the 1980s.

Luke Neptune Soundtrack Soundset for Prophet 6:
Patch bank inspired by classic film and tv soundtracks.

Luke Neptune Vintage/Classic Soundset for Prophet 6:
100 patches delivering classic 70s, 80s, 90s synth sounds

Luke Neptune House, Disco and Funk Soundset for Prophet 6:
100 funky brasses, basses, strings and leads plus house music standards

GeoSynths Prophet 6 Evolved Vol 1 and Vol2:
Two banks of patches features a wide variety of pads, strings, brass, stabs, and motion sounds.

Inhalt Prophet 6 Artist Bank Soundset:
100 patches from producer/songwriter Matia Simovich

Luftrom 15 Presets for Prophet 6

Orchestre Analogue Sound Set for Sequential Prophet 6
100 classic analog style patches

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