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Sequential Pro 3


Huge unison saw / supersaw.
Author: TheUnderground
Page: 1 | 2 | 38 free patches available

Sequential Pro 3 Resources

Below are additional resources, commercial patch banks and sound sets, software editors and videos for the Sequential Pro 3. If you would like to add an additional resource or link to a commercial soundset, click the button below.
Soundsets or Patch Banks
Supercharge your Sequential Pro 3 with a bunch of new sounds. Check out these commercial patch banks and soundsets full of expertly crafted patches.
CreativeSpiral's Mass and Motion Sound Set for Sequential Pro 3
128 custom patches focused on paraphonic motion, paraphonic MonoPoly-style arpeggios, and mod interval sequences that can be played up and down the keybed in any key. Also a few dozen core bass, synth and lead sounds.
CreativeSpiral's Pro 3 Fundamentals Sound Sets
Two soundsets (128 total patches) with classic/vintage and modern tones for songwriters. Sound Set 1 is focused on Bass, Lead and Classic Synth sounds. Sound Set 2 is focused on Strings, Brass, Keys, Plucks, Organs and Paraphonic Patches.
Jexus Soundset for Pro 3
220 custom patches for the Sequential Pro 3, with a variety of sounds for various genres.
Synthetik Wookie's Red Star Sound Set for Pro 3
101 custom patches for the Pro 3, along with user wavetables, with lots of layered modulation and motion sequencing.
Peter Dyer's Scorched Sound Set for Sequential Pro 3
66 custom patches focused on film and tv scoring and big cinematic sounds.
Rene Boscio's Scoring Tools Soundset for Pro 3
30 custom patches for the Pro 3, focused on cinematic scoring sounds, with lots of tension building arps, paraphonic pads, keys, and mangled rhythms.
App Sound's Hypotenuse Sound Set for Pro 3
64 custom patches for the Pro 3, focused on arpeggios.
Reviews, Tutorials and Demos
Check out these Sequential Pro 3 video demos, tutorials or reviews.
Sequential Pro 3 Digital Wavetable Oscillator 3
This video explores the third oscillator on the Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer. For a complete list of wavetables, check out: https://www.presetpatch.com/articles/Sequential-Pro-3-Digital-Wavetable-Oscillator
Sequential Pro 3 - Overview of VCO Osc Shapes and Shape Mod
This video is a technical overview for Sequential Pro 3 Synth Owners - it shows the shape modulation capabilities for the two VCO oscillators on the Pro 3.
Sequential Pro 3 Synth - Bass Sound Demo
The Sequential Pro 3 delivers a wide variety of bass tones, with the three great sounding VCF filters. It features a Moog Transistor Ladder style filter, an Oberheim SEM 2-Pole style state variable filter, and the Prophet OTA 4-Pole filter. The Pro 3
Arpeggiator with Paraphonic Mode, Mod Sequencer
In this tutorial I run through a patch design using the Arpeggiator, Paraphonic Mode and Modulation Sequencer to design some complex arp patterns.
Sequential Pro 3 Paraphonic Mode Demos
Over the past few months, I've designed about 50 new Paraphonic Motion patches on the Pro 3. This video is a demo/preview of a dozen of them. The Pro 3 has three LFOs, four envelopes, the 4x16x16 sequencer and a gigantic 32 slot mod matrix -- it's incre
Sequential Pro 3 Synth Live Looping
Noodling around with the Pro 3 and a RC-300 loop pedal / TR-8S to test out some sound design.
Sequential Pro 3 - The Note Sequencer - First Impressions
This video takes a look at the note sequencer section of the Sequential Pro 3 Synth, and the variety of controls for real time beat making and mangling.
The Core Pro 3 Sound – VCOs, Wavetables, and Filters
Julian (J3PO) Pollack demoes the core sound engine - the VCOs, wavetables and three filters.
Three Pro 3 Synth Hacks
The Pro 3 is a favorite synth when it comes to exploring and sound design. In this video Ricky explore 3 things he does when he hit writers block or if he's just looking for new synth textures.
Famous Song Patches
Sequential Pro 3 Famous Patches and sound design examples.
Nena - 99 Luftballoons
This is a synth patch inspired by Nena's 99 Luftballons (99 Red Balloons) bass synth sound.
Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond
This is a synth patch inspired by Pink Floyd's Shine on You Crazy Diamond synth sound.
Lyle Mays - Ocarina Wind Lead
This is a synth patch inspired by Lyle Mays' Ocarina Wind Lead Synth sound.
Parliament - Flashlight
This is a synth patch inspired Parliament's Flashlight Bass Synth tone (Bernie Worrell).
Nine Inch Nails NIN - Closer
This is a synth patch inspired by Nine Inch Nails' Closer Synth Bass Sound.
Rush - Tom Sawyer Lead
This is a synth patch inspired by Rush's Tom Sawyer Lead Synth sound.
The Cars - Lets Go
This is a synth patch is for The Cars' Let's Go sync lead sound.
Queen - I Want to Break Free
This is a synth patch inspired Queen's I Want to Break Free. Original was played on synth, by Fred Mandel.
Boards of Canada - ROYGBIV
This is a synth patch for Boards of Canada's ROYGBIV synth bass sound.

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