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Free Sequential Pro 3 Synth Patches, Presets

Page: 1 | 2 | 41 free patches available
Page: 1 | 2 | 41 free patches available

Sequential Pro 3 Resources

Below are additional resources, commercial patch banks and sound sets, software editors and videos for the Sequential Pro 3. Click here to Upload a Resource, Video or Link to a Commercial Soundset.
Supercharge your Sequential Pro 3 with a bunch of new sounds. Check out these commercial patch banks and soundsets full of expertly crafted patches.
CreativeSpiral's Mass and Motion Sound Set for Sequential Pro 3
128 custom patches focused on paraphonic motion, paraphonic MonoPoly-style arpeggios, and mod interval sequences that can be played up and down the keybed in any key. Also a few dozen core bass, synth and lead sounds.
CreativeSpiral's Pro 3 Fundamentals Sound Sets
Two soundsets (128 total patches) with classic/vintage and modern tones for songwriters. Sound Set 1 is focused on Bass, Lead and Classic Synth sounds. Sound Set 2 is focused on Strings, Brass, Keys, Plucks, Organs and Paraphonic Patches.
Jexus Soundset for Pro 3
220 custom patches for the Sequential Pro 3, with a variety of sounds for various genres.
Sequential Pro 3 - Nemesis Vol 1
100 Custom Patches, Leads, Basses, PADS!, Arps sequences and more
Synthetik Wookie's Red Star Sound Set for Pro 3
101 custom patches for the Pro 3, along with user wavetables, with lots of layered modulation and motion sequencing.
Peter Dyer's Scorched Sound Set for Sequential Pro 3
66 custom patches focused on film and tv scoring and big cinematic sounds.
Rene Boscio's Scoring Tools Soundset for Pro 3
30 custom patches for the Pro 3, focused on cinematic scoring sounds, with lots of tension building arps, paraphonic pads, keys, and mangled rhythms.
App Sound's Hypotenuse Sound Set for Pro 3
64 custom patches for the Pro 3, focused on arpeggios.
Check out these Sequential Pro 3 video demos, tutorials or reviews.
Sequential Pro 3 Digital Wavetable Oscillator 3
This video explores the third oscillator on the Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer. For a complete list of wavetables, check out: https://www.presetpatch.com/articles/Sequential-Pro-3-Digital-Wavetable-Oscillator
Sequential Pro 3 Synth - Bass Sound Demo
The Sequential Pro 3 delivers a wide variety of bass tones, with the three great sounding VCF filters. It features a Moog Transistor Ladder style filter, an Oberheim SEM 2-Pole style state variable filter, and the Prophet OTA 4-Pole filter. The Pro 3
Sequential Pro 3 - Overview of VCO Osc Shapes and Shape Mod
This video is a technical overview for Sequential Pro 3 Synth Owners - it shows the shape modulation capabilities for the two VCO oscillators on the Pro 3.
Arpeggiator with Paraphonic Mode, Mod Sequencer
In this tutorial I run through a patch design using the Arpeggiator, Paraphonic Mode and Modulation Sequencer to design some complex arp patterns.
Sequential Pro 3 Paraphonic Mode Demos
Over the past few months, I've designed about 50 new Paraphonic Motion patches on the Pro 3. This video is a demo/preview of a dozen of them. The Pro 3 has three LFOs, four envelopes, the 4x16x16 sequencer and a gigantic 32 slot mod matrix -- it's incre
Sequential Pro 3 Synth Live Looping
Noodling around with the Pro 3 and a RC-300 loop pedal / TR-8S to test out some sound design.
Sequential Pro 3 - The Note Sequencer - First Impressions
This video takes a look at the note sequencer section of the Sequential Pro 3 Synth, and the variety of controls for real time beat making and mangling.
The Core Pro 3 Sound – VCOs, Wavetables, and Filters
Julian (J3PO) Pollack demoes the core sound engine - the VCOs, wavetables and three filters.
Three Pro 3 Synth Hacks
The Pro 3 is a favorite synth when it comes to exploring and sound design. In this video Ricky explore 3 things he does when he hit writers block or if he's just looking for new synth textures.
Sequential Pro 3 Famous Patches and sound design examples.
Rush - Tom Sawyer Lead
This is a synth patch inspired by Rush's Tom Sawyer Lead Synth sound.
The Cars - Lets Go
This is a synth patch is for The Cars' Let's Go sync lead sound.
Queen - I Want to Break Free
This is a synth patch inspired Queen's I Want to Break Free. Original was played on synth, by Fred Mandel.
Boards of Canada - ROYGBIV
This is a synth patch for Boards of Canada's ROYGBIV synth bass sound.
Nena - 99 Luftballoons
This is a synth patch inspired by Nena's 99 Luftballons (99 Red Balloons) bass synth sound.
Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond
This is a synth patch inspired by Pink Floyd's Shine on You Crazy Diamond synth sound.
Lyle Mays - Ocarina Wind Lead
This is a synth patch inspired by Lyle Mays' Ocarina Wind Lead Synth sound.
Parliament - Flashlight
This is a synth patch inspired Parliament's Flashlight Bass Synth tone (Bernie Worrell).
Nine Inch Nails NIN - Closer
This is a synth patch inspired by Nine Inch Nails' Closer Synth Bass Sound.

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