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Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) OB-6 Patches
60 Patches for the OB-6 with a variety of sounds, including many 80s, synthwave and funk tones.

Robust American OB-6 Patch Bank
100 custom presets with lots of pads, soundtrack patches and arpeggiated sequnces.
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Inhalt "OB-6 Artist Bank" Soundset:

GEOSynths "Evolution Vol 1" and "Evolution Vol 2" Soundsets:

Barb & Co "OBlivion" Soundset:

Boxed Ear "TQS: Blue Lines" Soundset:

Luke Neptune's "OB-6 Vintage/Classic" Soundset:

Larchfield 60 OB-6 Presets Soundset:


Soundtower Editor Software:

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