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Novation Peak Resources

Below are additional resources, commercial patch banks and sound sets, software editors and videos for the Novation Peak. Click here to Upload a Resource, Video or Link to a Commercial Soundset.

GEOSynths "Zenith Volume 1" and "Zenith Volume 2" for Peak:

Dettenback Audio Bread and Butter Patches for Novation Peak:

MiksaMusic Soundset for Novation Peak:


Supercharge your Novation Peak with a bunch of new sounds. Check out these commercial patch banks and soundsets full of expertly crafted patches.
A Very Custom PEAK Soundset by Jexus
250 custom patches in sysex format. A wide variety of sounds meant to inspire and make you look at the synth in a different light.
GeoSynths Zenith Volume 1 Sound Set for Novation Peak or Summit
128 custom patches for the Novation Peak/Summit, featuring lots of huge pads, classic strings, evolving motion patches and more.

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Below are other instruments which have the same sound engine or similar. Patches for these other instruments may be compatible with the Novation Peak.