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Page: 1 | 2 | 3 | 65 patches available

DSI Prophet Rev2 Soundsets, Patch Banks and Resources

Free - Original Prophet '08 Programs
The Rev2 can load all previous Prophet '08 patches (the Rev 1).
DSI Sequential Patch Downloads

Creative Spiral's Voice Component Modeling Patch Bank
128 patches using an advanced modulation technique to give voice-by-voice offsets for classic analog synth character and acoustic instrument patches.   Patches modeled off of measurements taken from several synths:  OBX, OBXA, CS80, Jupiter 8, Polysix, Prophet 5 and Prophet 10.
Voice Component Modeling (VCM) YouTubeDemo
More Details on the VCM SoundSet for Prophet Rev2

J3PO Prophet Rev2 Patches
50 custom patches for the Rev2 covering a wide range of contemporary, vintage and cinematic sounds.  Implementation of Voice Modeling (VCM) for lots of vintage analog character.
J3PO Rev2 Patches YouTube Demo

Nicholas Semrad Prophet Rev 2 Patches - 1st Edition
50 custom presets including 10 basses, 10 leads, 10 pads and 20 aux key patches. 
See the YouTube Demo for Nicholas Semrad's 1st Edition Patches

Nicholas Semrad Prophet Rev 2 Patches - 2nd Edition
50 more custom presets including 10 basses, 10 leads, 10 pads and 20 aux key patches. 
See the YouTube Demo for Nicholas Semrad's 2nd Edition Patches

Luke Neptune's Vintage/Classic Soundset
100 patches inspired by the synth sounds of yesteryear.  A handful of recreations of classic sounds of famous 80s songs.
Purchase Luke Neptune's Vintage/Classic Soundset

Robust American Patch Bank for Rev2 
64 custom patches with lots of 80s inspired synth sounds and soundtrack patches, as well as many modern / contempory sounds.   Includes a variety of types including drum patches, basses, pads, strings and leads.
Purchase Robust American Rev2 Patches

Robust American Patch Bank for Rev2 (Volume II)
64 custom patches with a variety of types, including basses, leads, pads, strings, and drums.  Deep modulation programmed in for expressive playing and evolving sounds.
Purchase Robust American Rev2 Patches (Volume II)

Analog Audio "Prophet Classics" Rev2 Patches
100 patches inspired by classic sounds of the 1970s and 1980s. A wide selection of analog pads, synth brass, synth stabs, analog basses, leads and strings.
Analog Audio Prophet Classics YouTube Demo

Analog Audio "Exploring Prophet" Rev2 Patches
100 patches including interesting pads, basses, leads, e-pianos, fat synth strings and FX.
Analog Audio Exploring Prophet YouTube Demo

GeoSynths Revolution Vol 1
128 patches filled with pads, strings, evolving motion and more.
More Info from GeoSynths

GeoSynths Revolution Vol 2
128 multi layered split and stacked pactches. This set takes advantage of bi-timbral nature of the Rev2, and delivers with evolving soundscapes, warm pads, thick leads and electrifying arpeggios.
More Info from GeoSynths

Synthonia Massive Leads
48 massive patches. Features soundscapes, classic pads, progressive and powerful leads useful in every musical context, pipe simulations, and more.
More Info from Synthonia

Raheem Hosein's Famous Sounds for Prophet Rev2
51 patches recreating lots of famous synth sounds from the 1970s and 1980s.  Lot's of New Wave and early Synth Pop. 
Demo of Raheem Hosein's Famous Sounds

Audio Cookbooks Experimental Rev2 Patch Bank
128 Patches developed by a unique tool that mutates and morphs parameters in a randomized fashion to create interesting sound combos.   After randomization and experimentation the patches were curated and altered with hand touch.
Check out AudioCookbook Experimental Patch Set

Chronos Handcrafted Prophet 08 Patch Bank
128 Custom patches designed for the Prophet 08.   These will work with the Rev2 as well.   
More Info on Chronos Patch Bank

Ultimate X Sounds Genesis Prophet Rev2 SoundSet
128 Patches focused on more modern and aggressive tones for EDM, Trance, Progressive trance, House and Ambient music.  
More Info on Genesis SoundSet

Roberto Galli's Classic 80s Soundset for Prophet Rev2
128 patches inspired by the sounds of the 80s. 
See the Classic 80s Soundset Demo

Roberto Galli's Pad Collection Soundset for Prophet Rev2
128 new patches full of single layer pad, string, vox and brass sounds. 
See the Pad Collection Soundset Demo

SynthPatches RevField Sound Set for Prophet Rev2
110 custom presets inspired by the sounds of Boards of Canada, Tycho, Tame Impala and other ambient and downtempo sounds. 
See the YouTube Demo for RevField SoundSet

James Dyson's Sonic Landscapes for Prophet Rev2
128 custom patches with lots of cinematic sounds, pads, choirs, and other sounds.

Peter Dyer's Mammoth Pads
40 massive stereophonic binaural pads for the Rev2.  Lots of great cinematic sounds.

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Below are other instruments which have the same sound engine or similar. Patches for these other instruments may be compatible with the DSI Prophet Rev2.

DSI Prophet 08

Prophet 08 Patches can be loaded to Prophet Rev 2

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DSI Tetra

Tetra Patches dumped in Prophet format can be loaded to Rev 2

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