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Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Resources

Below are additional resources, commercial patch banks and sound sets, software editors and videos for the Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave. Click here to Upload a Resource, Video or Link to a Commercial Soundset.
Energize your Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave with a bunch of new sounds. Check out these soundsets and patch banks full of custom crafted patches.
Miles Away 3rd Wave Custom Patches
100 Custom Patches from Canadian producer and sound designer Miles Away aim to showcase the gritty yet beautiful analog and hybrid tones this wavetable synth can produce. A variety of epic pads, complex multitimbral patches, face melting basses, sensitive keys and more.
Video tutorials, demos and reviews for the Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave
Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Demo
Julian Pollack (J3PO) demos the new Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Synth. The 3rd Wave is a triple threat synth, providing faithful PPG Wave synthesis, modern high fidelity wavetables, and hybrid subtractive synthesis.
Below are misc utilities or resources for the Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave.
3rd Wave Custom INIT Prests - Wavetable and Analog
I have made my own INIT presets to make life easier using the 3rd Wave. Two versions, being Wave Table and Analog style INIT patches. I replicated them to be a full bank (100 presets) each. You can download each pack and either import the INIT presets singularly, or fill an entire bank.

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Related Instruments

Below are other instruments which have the same sound engine or similar. Patches for these other instruments may be compatible with the Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave.

PPG Wave 2

3rd Wave features a PPG Wave inspired architecture.

More Info about PPG Wave 2

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