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Sequential Pro 3 vs Arturia MatrixBrute vs Moog Subsequent 37

The Heavyweight Flagship Mono Synth Battle 2020

Comparing the heavyweight contenders for Ultimate Flagship Mono-Synth of 2020
With the new Sequential Pro 3 entering the ring for contention of heavyweight champion of Flagship Analog Mono Synths, we take a look at the top three options on the market right now.   

1. Arturia MatrixBrute
2. Sequential Pro 3
3. Moog Subsequent 37

Core Sonic Territory - Oscillators and Filters:
All three of these synths have you covered for searing analog leads, basses and plucks.   The Moog Subsequent 37 is the most straightforward of them, offering up the classic Moog analog architecture, with basic routing and modulation options.   For the standard player jamming along in the mix, the Moog can cover all your needs, and is known for its rich history with a rich pedigre.   

If you're looking for something with greater flexibility and a wider sonic range, the MatrixBrute and Sequential Pro 3 are your top targets.   Both offer full analog signal paths (with Moog Ladder Filters, along with additional Filter Options) to cover a wide range of sonic territory.   In addition, the MatrixBrute and Pro 3 offer extremely advanced sequencing and modulation options for deep sound design and animated modulation patterns.   The MatrixBrute gives you 3 Analog VCOs, while the Pro 3 offers 2 Analog VCOs, plus a digital morphable wavetable oscillator for additional sonic territory.    

The MxB and Pro 3 both offer a wide range of sonic territory.   The MatrixBrute offers some unique analog wave-mangling options, and has an edge with Filter Routing capabilities (Single, Parallel, or Serial Routing), though the Pro 3 offers three great sounding filter options (Moog Ladder, Prophet-6, and SEM State Variable).  The Pro 3 also has the unique digital wavetable third oscillator, which opens up a whole new range of sonic territory.   

Modular CV Integration:
If you're looking for integration with other modular synth equipment, the Subsequent 37 offers some CV connectivity, and both the Pro 3 and MatrixBrute offer a variety of assignable CV inputs and outputs.   The MatrixBrute takes the round with its 12 CV ins and 12 CV outs, plus Gate and Sync.  

Modulation and Sound Design Depth:
The Moog Subsequent 37 has modest sound design capabilties, with two mod busses, two envelopes and one LFO.  The Moog is more focused on core lead, bass, and pluck sounds, with some intermediate sound design capabilities.   The MatrixBrute and Pro 3 are on a completely different level, with far more options in LFOs and Envelopes, plus Gigantic Modulation Matrixes that turn them into deep modular setups with patch memory.  

Sequencing and Animated Parameter Modulation:
The MatrixBrute and Pro 3 both offer advanced step sequencing implemenation and parameter modulation options.   Both are great for creating morphing, animated synth sequences that can be mangled and morphed in realtime with macro controls and sequencer panel manipulation.   The Pro 3 sequencer looks like a winner with dedicated buttons to switch phrases in real time, and deep modulation options for parameter sequencing.  

Onboard Effects:
The Subsequent 37 offers a filter drive circuit, but no output effects.   The MatrixBrute offers some good sounding fully analog effects, including delay, chorus, flanger, and reverb.    The Sequential Pro 3 takes the cake for variety of effects, offering Sequential's tuned feedback circuitry, distortion, and a dual digital effects engine with a wide variety of output effects that can be modulated - including delays, chorus, phaser, flanger, distortion, rotary and reverb effects. 


Synth Moog Subsequent 37 Arturia MatrixBrute Sequential Pro 3
Voicing Mono, 2-Note Duophonic Mono, 3-Note Paraphonic, 2-Note Duophonic Mono, 3-Note Paraphonic
Sound Gen
2 VCO Analog Oscillators,
Noise Generator - White
Ext Audio Input
3 VCO Analog Oscillators,
Noise Generator Selectable White, Pink, Red, Blue Noise
Ext Audio Input
2 VCO Analog Oscillators,
1 Digital Osc w/Digital Morphable Wavetables,
Noise Generator - White
Ext Audio Input
Osc Mod PWM, Osc Sync PWM, Ultrasaw,  Metalizer, Filter Mod, Osc Sync Osc Shape Mod, 32 Morphable Digital Wavetables x 16 Shaps
Filters One Filter
1 Transistor Ladder (Lowpass) - 6/12/18/24dB Slopes
Two Simultaneously Selectable Filters with Single, Parallel or Serial Routing
1 Transistor Ladder (Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass) - 12/24dB Slopes 
1 Steiner Parker (LP, BP, HP, Notch) - 12/24dB Slopes

Three Independant Selectable Filters (one at a time)
1 Transistor Ladder (Lowpass) - 24dB
1 Prophet-6 Filter (Lowpass) - 24dB
1 SEM OB-6 State Variable (LP, HP, BP) - 12dB

Envelopes 2 DADHSR Envelopes (Delay and Hold Phases) 3 ADSR Envelopes * Third env has Pre Delay Phase 4 ADSR Envelopes, with Repeat/Loop option
LFOs 1 LFO - Triangle, Square, Saw, Ramp, S+H 2 LFOs* - Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw, Ramp, S+H  *Osc3 can act as 3rd LFO 3 LFOs - Triangle, Saw, Ramp, Square, S+H, with offset and slew
Sequencer Yes, Basic Sequencer Yes, Advanced 64-step Matrix Sequencer with slide, accent, modulation sequencing, editing Yes, Giant 4 Phrase x 16 track x 16 step sequencer, with phrase linking, and lots of realtime controls.
Arpeggiator Yes Yes - Up, Down, Up+Down, Random, Octave Step, Matrix Arp Yes - Up, Down, Up+Down, Random, Assign
Effects Multidrive circuit on Filter Built in Analog Effects - Mono Delay, Stereo Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Reverb,  Tuned Feedback, Analog Distortion, Optional Dual Digital Effects Engine with Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Distortion, Rotary and Reverb
Mod Matrix 2 Modulation Busses 16x12 Hard Linked Multiplex Matrix, with 16x16 Customizable User Slots 32 Mod Matrix Slots + More Pre Assigned.  
Control 37 Key Velocity and Aftertouch Sensitive Keyboard, Pitch and Mod Wheel 49 Key Velocity and Aftertouch Sensitive Keyboard, Pitch and Mod Wheel, 2 Exp Pedal In, 1 Sustain Pedal In 37 Key Velocity and Aftertouch Sensitive Keyboard, Pitch and Mod Wheel, Latchable Mod Slider, 1 Exp Pedal In, 1 Sustain Pedal In
CV Connect Filter CV in, Pitch CV in, Volume CV in, KB gate in 12 CV Inputs, 12 CV Outputs, 1 Gate in/out, 1 sync in/out 4 CV Inputs, 4 CV Outputs, 1 Gate Out
MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB In/Out/Thru, USB In/2-Out/Thru, USB
Audio In 1 1/4in Audio Input 1 1/4in Audio Input, 1 1/4in TRS Insert 1 1/4in Audio Input
Audio Out 1 1/4in Output (Mono), 1/4in Headphone Jack (Mono) 2 1/4in Audio Outputs (Stereo or Mono), 1/4in Headphone Jack (Stereo) 2 1/4in Audio Outputs (Stereo or Mono), 1/4in Headphone Jack (Stereo)
Presets 256 Preset Slots (16 banks of 16) 256 Preset Slots, with Included Patch Librarian Software for Mac/PC 512 User Programs + 512 Factory Presets
New Price $1599,
$1799 Special Edition
$2299 $1599 Standard,
$2099 Special Edition
Used Price $1100-$1500 $1200-$1600 N/A, New 2020



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