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Sequential Pro 3 VCO Shapes and Shape Mod

Technical Details and Reference Materials for the Pro 3 Synthesizer

VCO Shape and Shape Mod Controls
Below is a video that shows the output waveform effect of the Shape and Shape Mod controls for the two VCOs

VCO Shapes

Value Shape Notes
-127 Triangle Standard Triangle
-64 Triangle v2 Asymmetrical Triangle, with Sharp Pulse/Saw Rise
-32 Tri-Saw Combo Triangle Saw Combo
0 Saw Standard Sawtooth
32 Saw Double +Octave Doubling with Equal Amplitude Essentially Raises Octave
64 Saw Double Double Saw with Offset Amplitudes
94 Saw v2 At 94, it becomes a standard saw again, with a little less amplitude than at 0
127 Square Pulse Standard Square/Pulse


VCO Shape Mod

Triangle: Sweep of Shape Mod gives a sort of wave dividing effect
Sawtooth:   Sweep of Shape Mod introduces a Mix with a Pulse with a medium to low duty cycle
Square: Sweep of Shape Mod does PWM pulse modulation from 50% square shape to 100% (no audio through zero)
  Values of 245 or greater clip the pulse wave through zero, with no audio output.


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