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Sequential Pro 3 Digital Wavetable Oscillator

Exploring the third oscillator on the Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer.

Oscillator 3 is a digital wavetable oscillator that features three Classic Virtual Analog Waveshapes (Triangle, Sawtooth, Square), as well as a Sine Wave, and Supersaw emulation. In addition, 32 complex digital wavetables are included, which cover a wide variety of sound design capability.

In the video below, we go through each of the variants in the digital oscillator, sweeping through the range of shape mod, and giving some initial thoughts on what type of sound design they might be used for.   By fine tuning the 256 steps of shape mod on the 32 digital wavetables, you essentially have access to 8192 additional single cycle wave forms. Each wavetable seamlessly morphs between the wave forms in its group, so you can modulate the wavetables based on LFOs, envelopes or other controllers to create unique animation to your sound designs. Alternatively, just dial in the perfect core tone from one of the wavetables to use as the basis for subtractive sound design, or layered on top of the VCO analog foundation of the first two oscillators.


Digital Osc Shapes  
Saw Classic VA Saw, matches closely with VCOs
Triangle Classic VA Triangle, more rounded shape than VCOs
Pulse Classic VA Pulse, matches closely with VCOs
Sine Digital Sine, with a little hint of upper harmonic content
Ssaw Supersaw Emulation, appears to be 5 detuned saws
  Shape mod increases the detuning of the saws.


# Wavetable Name Shape Mod Notes Initial Usage Thoughts
1 SEQUNTL Sequential Voice – Works best in lower octave, See patch F4, P1 Voices, Leads, Drums
2 WaterFon Metallic bell tones Pads, Atmosphere
3 Quad Sqr Complex multi pulse, divided / folded effect with Shape Mod Leads, Basses, Plucks
4 NastyWav Similar to Quad Sqr, but more aggressive Leads, Basses
5 A-E-AH-O * 0 – A..... 72 – E..... 128 – AH..... 228 – O Vocals, Choirs
6 Drawbars Organ drawbar tones Organs, Leads, Plucks
7 Chebyshv * Similar shape mod effect to Quad Sqr, NastyWav with dividing/folding Voice Wah, Thin Leads
8 EightOh8 Complex set of waves – not sure if its reference to Roland TR-808 Drum Sounds
9 MadRingy * Ring Modulation Metallic, Retro Digital, Plucks
10 Bigsteps * Wave folding/dividing Percussive, Metallic, Harsh Thin Lead
11 Bell Tree Variety of FM style sounds, metallic sounds Percussive, Bells, Plucks
12 Spindles 0 to 180 – Vocal Wah Quality, more aggressive above Vocals, Wah, Leads
13 Primes FM Sine Type Tones, Rind Mod sounds, Glassy Percussive, Bells, Plucks
14 WhoKnows * Aggressive complex wave dividing/folding FX, Leads
15 FemVox Female vocals? Not sure. Plucks, Layer with Lead?
16 FatSaw * Saws folding/dividing Leads, Basses, Plucks, Various
17 ResoRez Low values rounded, then thin, upper values Buzzy Resonant Metallic Bells, Plucks, FX, Percussive
18 Low Linn Resonant squeal, fizzy, digital noise Percussive, FX,
19 zZippeRz Wide range tone, very aggressive at top Basses, Leads, FX
20 MultiVrs Metallic and organ sounds, with squealing transitions Pads, FX, Organs, Clavis, Bells
21 PotGong Metallic bell tones and bassy tones Percussive, Bells, Plucks, Basses
22 Old Bell Sine unfolding, FM bell tones Bells, Plucks, Percussion, Bass
23 DigiWave Buzzy distorted saw/pulse, resonant squeal, bell metallics FX, Leads, Vocal,
24 X-Former Metallic formants Leads, Plucks, Percussive
25 16 Sines Sine waves folding/dividing (similar to Old Bell, in reverse) Sub Bass, Bells, Plucks, Percussion
26 Noisy Ring mod type sounds, buzzy distortion, bells Metallic, Percussion, Plucks, Leads
27 Static Super aggressive wave folding/dividing, harsh Leads, FX, Percussion
28 SinePwrs Thin Resonant Sound > Mellow Smooth > Buzzy Pulses Leads, Basses, FX, Pads,
29 Wolfgang Sine > Folding to Multi Sine Organ > Aggressive Harsh Pulses Bass, Organs, Leads, Pads
30 D-Xed * Super aggressive wave folding/dividing, harsh Leads, FX, Percussion
31 Smoothie * Mellow smooth tones, formant tones Bass, Leads, Pads, Vocal
32 RingyMod * Ring Mod Tones,unfolding Lead, Organ, Bells, Percussive, Plucks


* Items marked with an asterisk indicate that the wrong name is referenced in the SoundTower editor.  These above names are the actual ones in the Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer

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