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Sequential Pro 3 - Osc Frequency Modulation Lookup

Lookup tables for modulating oscillator frequency with LFO, Matrix and Sequencer

Precision Oscillator Tuning Lookup Table
Below is a Lookup Table for modulating the Oscillator Frequency from the Pro 3 Mod Matrix, LFOs, or Gated Sequencer.   You can use this reference to quickly lookup common musical intervals and set them precisely for modulation.

The values from the Mod Matrix and LFO are same in this unit, however, when routing from the sequencer, the resulution/scaling is different. 

Osc Course Frequency Modulation:
For Osc Course Frequency, from the Matrix/LFO, each value tick is equivalent to 50 cents.   In the sequencer, each value tick is equivalent to about 12.5 cents for course frequency modulation.

Osc Fine Frequency Modulation:
For Osc FineFrequency, from the Matrix/LFO, each value tick is equivalent to about 5.4 cents.   In the sequencer, each value tick is equivalent to about 1.3 cents for fine frequency modulation.


Semitones Abbv. Interval Osc Course Osc Course   Osc Fine Osc Fine
      Matrix / LFO Sequencer   Matrix / LFO Sequencer
+1 semitone m2 minor 2nd +2 +8   +18.5 +74
+2 semitones M2 Major 2nd +4 +16   +37 +148
+3 semitones m3 minor 3rd +6 +24   +55.5 +222
+4 semitones M3 Major 3rd +8 +32   +74 +296
+5 semitones P4 Perfect 4th +10 +40   +92.5 +370
+6 semitones A4/D5 Tritone +12 +48   +111 +444
+7 semitones P5 Perfect 5th +14 +56   +129.5 +518
+8 semitones m6 minor 6th +16 +64      
+9 semitones M6 Major 6th +18 +72      
+10 semitones m7 minor 7th +20 +80      
+11 semitones M7 Major 7th +22 +88      
+12 semitones Oct Octave +24 +96      
+17 semitones Oct+4 Octave + 4th +34 +136      
+19 semitones Oct+5 Octave + 5th +38 +152      
+24 semitones 2 Oct Two Octaves +48 +192      
+29 semitones 2 Oct+4 Two Octaves + 4th +58 +232      
+31 semitones 2 Oct+5 Two Octaves + 5th +62 +248      
+36 semitones 3 Oct Three Octaves +72 +288      
+41 semitones 3 Oct+4 Three Octaves + 4th +82 +328      
+43 semitones 3 Oct+5 Three Octaves + 5th +86 +344      
+48 semitones 4 Oct Four Octaves +96 +384      


Note:   All of the LFOs are unipolar (they generate positive values only), EXCEPT FOR the Triangle, which is bipolar - it swings to both positive and negative values.   In the current version of the manual, it states the Sample/Hold Random LFO is bipolar too, but I think that might be a misprint, based on my testing?... seems to be unipolar.     So, if you're modulating OSC FREQ with the triangle, you may want to double the values listed above, if you want the frequency to swing the full interval in both directions... otherwise it will swing half positive, half negative.   

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