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Moog Subsequent 37 vs Subsequent 25 vs Sub Phatty

Comparing three of Moog's most popular synths.

The Moog Subsequent 25 appears to be a compact, less expensive option than the popular Subsequent 37.  However, the Sub 25 may be better seen as a successor to the Sub Phatty.   Let's take a look at a blow by blow comparison of features of these three Moog synths:

All three synths feature many similarites in their core architecture and sound, starting with two variable shape VCO analog oscillators plus a sub oscillator and noise generator.   They are all monophonic synths with 2-note duophonic/paraphonic play capability.   They all feature Pitchbend and Mod Wheels for performance control.  

Here's a look at some of the features that differ from synth to synth:


Moog Sub Phatty Moog Subsequent 25 Moog Subsequent 37
25 Keys, Velocity Sensitive 25 Keys, Velocity Sensitive 37 Keys, Velocity Sensitive
x x Aftertouch / Key Pressure
Moog Ladder Filter with
6/12/18/24 dB per Octave Slopes
Reshaped Moog Ladder Filter with
6/12/18/24 dB per Octave Slopes
Moog Ladder Filter with
6/12/18/24 dB per Octave Slopes
Original Multidrive circuit Re-tuned Multidrive circuit with wider
range and more dirt capability.
Re-tuned Multidrive circuit with wider
range and more dirt capability.
1 Modulation Bus: 
1 Modulation Bus: 
2 Modulation Busses: 
2 LFOs with more mod destinations
2 ADSR Envelope (Amp, Filter) 2 ADSR Envelope (Amp, Filter) 2 DAHDSR Envelopes with Looping Capability
(Delay and Hold stages in addition to ADSR)
x x Arpeggiator + Step Sequencer
Headphone Output tied to master New High Powered Headphone Amp Headphone Output
16 Preset Slots 16 Preset Slots 256 Preset Slots
20.25" x 14.75 x 6.75" 20.25" x 14.75" x 6.75" 26.50" x 14.75 x 6.75"
16 lbs 16 lbs 22 lbs
Used: $600-$900
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