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Moog Grandmother vs Matriarch

These two analog beasts from Moog share many similar specs and features.

Moog Matriarch vs Moog Grandmother

Below are some of the differences and advantages of each synth.

Moog Matriarch Advantages:

1. Dual or Four-Note Paraphnoic Support on the Matriarch allows you to play multiple notes simultaneously.   In addition, the Matriarch has several different paraphonic modes for interesting capabilities and arpeggio sequences. 

2. Dual VCF Filters and Dual VCA Amps.    This allows for a stereo signal chain with parallel filters and ampliers give you wide binarual stereo fields of sound.   Alternatively, Filters can be run in Serial Mode.

3. Matriarch has four (4) oscillators, compared with the two (2) oscillators on the Grandmother.

4. Two (2) Separate Envelopes so you can have separate envelope for Filter and Amp, allowing a much larger capability of sounds.  

5. Additional LFO shapes (stepped Triangle and slewed Random / S+H) allow more interesting effects. 

6. Additional Utility Module included in the Matriarch for additional sound shaping capabilities.

7. Matriarch has a four octave keybed with aftertouch.  

8. Matriarch lacks the spring reverb from the Grandmother, however the Matriarch has a dual/stereo delay unit with extensive modulation capabilities.   

9. Matriarch features many additional Global settings for microtuning, pitch variance, and other deep parameters that affect the sound of modules.  

10. Extended MIDI Implementation - In addition to the extensive CV patch points, the Matriarch features a more extensive MIDI implemenation, allowing you to modulate many additional parameters for further animation, sound shaping and arpeggio capabilities.

11. Many additional CV patch points for advanced modulation capabilities and integration with modular setups.


Moog Grandmother Advantages:

1. Grandmother features an analog spring reverb circuit that is not included on the Matriarch

2. Smaller form factor, if you need something more compact

3. Significantly cheaper MSRP, and more availability second hand.  



Grandmother is a great compact synth for basses and leads.   If you're looking for a compact synth with a classic moog sound, the grandmother comes in at a good price point.    The Matriarch offers quite a bit more in terms of functionality and sound design capabilities, and with the various modes of paraphonic support, it can pull off a lot of synthesizer territory that the Grandmother is just incapable of.  In addition the parallel filters and dual amps allow Matriarch to generate huge binaural stereo fields of sound.   The Matriarch costs over double the Grandmother's cost, but if you want a powerful analog synthesizer with classic, beefy Moog sound, its a great candidate.  


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